December 4, 2021

Signs That Your Body Needs a Rest Day

How do you know when your body asks you for a truce? To be able to differentiate between laziness and true alertness; We present the 8 signs in which you can express your request for rest.

When energy levels are low, the body manifests its alert sensors as discomfort in the head, neck and eyes. Furthermore, we all know that a heavy workload involves stress, the main factor in triggering terrible and uncomfortable migraines.

Digestive problems
Mental fatigue mostly affects the digestive system. During a long period of brain exercise, the gastric ducts become irritated and blocked, especially if you spend much of your time in a static position in front of your desk. Your body may be asking for a break if you suffer from constipation, colitis, heartburn, and heartburn.

Constant colds
When you are stressed, your heart rate speeds up and your blood pressure rises. Such speed reduces the optimal functioning of the immune system, making it much easier and more frequent to catch a cold or another.

Weight gain
Excess fatigue also manifests itself in weight gain. Stress boosts the cortisol hormone, increasing anxiety and the urge to eat whatever comes your way. In addition, spending many hours at work reduces your body activity and makes you conserve carbohydrates without expending energy.

Stomach pain
The digestive system is one of the main ones to be affected by the lack of rest, but there are also colic and pain in the stomach area that are caused due to work stress.

It may be a sign that you are doing your job in the best possible way, but fatigue has negative and very serious consequences for your health. If you end up exhausted after work, the performance in the rest of the daily tasks that you do, will not be the same.

Chest pain
If you feel sudden pains, contractions and pains in this area of ​​the body, it is better to see a cardiologist to rule out any type of problem related to heart health. Although the safest thing is that everything is in your imagination and you just need to rest.

Poor sexual appetite
Desire is the result of the brain’s production of certain chemical substances, but if you or your partner keep your mind occupied almost all the time at work, this production decreases and with it your sexual appetite.

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