December 4, 2021

Latest The Witcher: Monster Slayer .APK and .OBB 2021 Download

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a thriving-reality quest game that challenges you to become an elite monster hunter. Each step takes you into a deeper fantasy adventure as you explore the real world around you.
Identify monsters, learn their habits and prepare for battle. Choose the best weapons and armor to gain the upper hand before the battle starts and make powerful witch drinks. As you gain experience and face more dangerous enemies, you must improve your skills, your gear and your strategy to become a monster assassin of true glory.

Keep track of your goals – use real-time weather conditions, day time and your witch senses to hunt down monsters that live near you.

Explore Better Augmented Reality – Turn The Witcher’s Dark Fantasy World into Your Reality with AR features that change your perception of the places you think you know.

Start Adventures – Discover an experience that guides you through deep, story-based adventures inspired by the Witcher series.

Collect trophies from fallen enemies – defeat dozens of different animals and develop a collection suitable for killing a real monster.

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