December 4, 2021

How to write a check in 6 Easy Steps

How to write a check

  1. Date – Enter the date in the blank line in the top right corner of the check mark. The month / day / year format is standard in the United States.
  2. Recipient’s Name – Write the recipient ‘s name on the blank line after the sentence “Pay to the order from.” This can be a person, organization, or company – whoever the check is. For a person you must state the first and last name. For an organization or company, use the full name.
  3. Amount (numeric form) – Enter the dollar and cent amount in the box to the right of the recipient’s name. If you were paying seven hundred dollars and fifty cents, you would write “$ 700”. 50. “
  4. Amount (Expanded Word Form) – The amount should also be written in expanded word on the blank line below the recipient’s name. However, cents must be written in fractional form. for the above example you would write “Seven hundred and 50/100”. If the amount did not include cents, you would write “Seven hundred dollars and 00/100”.
  5. The Memo (Optional) – Writing in the “Memo” field is not required, but a brief statement can be a helpful reminder if you need to refer to the check at a later date. The description can be as simple as “utility bill,” “rent” or “mortgage”.
  6. Signature – Sign your name on the line at the bottom right of the check. Your signature is required – otherwise the recipient will not be able to pay it in cash.

Routing numbers, account numbers and check numbers

The numbers at the bottom of the check represent the following:

Routing Transit Number – The first set of numbers indicates the transit number of your financial institution. This code identifies your bank, allowing the check to be sent to the appropriate place for processing.

Account Number – The second set of digits is your unique account number. It was assigned to the bank when you opened the account.

Check Number – The last set of digits is the check number. It’s also at the top of the check, below the date.

How to write a check

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