December 4, 2021

How to uninstall Avast

You have always used the free Avast program to protect your PC from cyber threats, but now you have decided to change it for something else. You want to install new antivirus software, But unfortunately you’re not being able to remove Avast antivirus.

Sometimes the error messages don’t allow the correct uninstallation of the antivirus software, but there is a solution for everything here. Today’s we will see how to uninstall Avast from PC with the standard method in Windows and macOS, and then with the alternative methods.

How to uninstall Avast in Windows

If you want to find out how to uninstall Avast from a PC equipped with the Windows operating system , know that you can take two paths: the first involves using the classic Windows control panel (or the “PC Settings” panel, in Windows 10 ). The second, however, leads to the download of a utility that allows you to perform forced removal of the antivirus from the PC, when the first procedure cannot be implemented due to errors.

Standard procedure-

To uninstall Avast according to standard Windows procedure, click the start button  (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) and, if you are using Windows 10 , click the gear icon located on the left side of the menu that appears on the screen. This will open the panel with the PC Settings .

Now, select the Application icon choose Avast Free Antivirus (or the paid version of Avast installed on your PC) from the list of programs installed on your PC and click the uninstall button (which appears on the right) twice in a row.

In the window that opens, first click on the yes button , then on the uninstall button and confirm your willingness to remove Avast from the PC by first pressing the yes button and then on Restart your PC (to restart the PC at the end of the procedure and remove all antivirus residue). You can also avoid answering the questionnaire you see at the bottom of the window, it is optional.

If you’re using a version of Windows earlier than 10 or 8.1, you must follow a slightly different procedure to uninstall Avast. Go to Control Panel by clicking the Windows start button and selecting the appropriate item from the menu that opens.

At this point, click on the Uninstall a program item located at the bottom left of the window that has opened (to access the list of applications installed on the PC), select Avast! Free Antivirus from the next screen and click the Uninstall / Change button , which is located in the upper left.

Otherwise, the procedure to follow is the same as I illustrated above for Windows 10: click and then the yes button , then the uninstall button and confirm that you want to remove Avast from your PC by clicking yes and Restart your PC .

If, together with Avast Antivirus, you also installed the tool on your PC Avast Browser Cleanup will remove malicious extensions from browsers, proceed to uninstall the latter by going to the Start menu > PC Settings> Windows 10 Applications or in the Start menu > Dashboard. control> Uninstall a program from previous editions of the Microsoft operating system by selecting Avast Browser Cleanup from the list of programs installed on the PC and clicking the uninstall button .

In the window that opens, click the uninstall button , wait for the Avast Browser Cleanup removal procedure to finish and click the done button to close the window.


Alternative procedure


In some special cases, the standard procedure for uninstalling Avast may not be accessible (gives an error or does not complete) and therefore it is necessary to resort to a force removal of the program. To do this, a small free tool is available from the manufacturer of Avast, which is called Avast Antivirus Clear.

If you also encountered problems during the Avast antivirus uninstallation, please connect to the program’s website & click on the avastclear.exe product to download the antivirus removal utility on your computer. After the download is complete, you must restart your computer & enter safe mode .

If you are using a PC equipped with Windows 10 , then click the start button (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), go to PC Settings ( gear icon located on the left side of the menu displayed on the screen) and, in the window that opens, click the Update and security item .

At this point, select the restore item from the left sidebar, press the Restart now button placed under the Advanced startup heading .

And, in the screens shown below, select Troubleshooting , Advanced Options , Startup Settings and Resume .

Finally, when the blue screen with boot settings appears , press button 5 on the PC keyboard and Windows will start in safe mode with network (to allow Internet access ).

If you use Windows 7 or an earlier version of the Microsoft operating system, to access safe mode you just have to restart the PC and press the F8 keyboard button at boot time.

Once you have logged into Windows in safe mode, start the program by double-clicking it. avastclear.exe previously downloaded.

Then select the version of Avast that you have installed on your PC ( Avast Free Antivirus , Avast Pro Antivirus , Avast Internet Security , Avast Premier, or Avast Business Security ) from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window that has opened.

Now, click on the uninstall button to start the software removal procedure.

At the end of the procedure in question (which should take only a few seconds), click the Restart your PC button .

The system will reboot & return to the standard Windows run mode, without Avast at last.

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