December 4, 2021

How to sterilize your cell phone correctly

How to sterilize your cell phone correctly

The cell phone is one of the objects that we use the most on a daily basis. Whether for work or entertainment, he is always there with us. Therefore, its cleaning is very important to protect it from viruses and bacteria. And hold on! Because, according to some analyzes, the cell phone has double and even triple the bacteria that a bath could have. What? So, if what you want is to know how to sterilize your cell phone correctly, don’t miss any details below …


How to sterilize your cell phone correctly


What can I clean it with?

It is advisable to use cleaners that contain isopropyl alcohol. This type of alcohol is flammable and quickly evaporates. This substance is found in different presentations such as: wet wipes and spray. Within these two options, it is best to opt for wet wipes, since they are more comfortable to clean.

If you choose the spray, remember to have a cloth on hand to clean it properly.


Now that I have the tools, how do I sterilize it?  

  1. Don’t ever grab your cell phone to disinfect if you haven’t washed your hands yet. Remember that it is forbidden to forget this first step. Don’t forget to scrub your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  2. Now, once you have the wipes or bottle with which you will clean your cell, what you should do next is turn it off for better protection. It will not be the bad thing that by not having it in this way you alter the functions of the screen.
  3. If your cell phone has a cover, which is the safest thing … take it off. Remember that what we want is to obtain a device free of bacteria. In the same way, you can clean the cover by applying the isopropyl alcohol liquid to a cloth or with a wet wipe that contains the same substance.
  4. To sterilize your cell phone, take a wet wipe or damp cloth and gently wipe the exterior and screen. Don’t ever think of cleaning the ports because otherwise you are going to scrub it.
  5. To clean the camera lenses, it is best to use a lens cloth.
  6. Let it dry for a few minutes until you see that both are completely dry.
  7. Now, put your cell phone back in the case and turn it on.
  8. Lastly, wash your hands again.


How often should I sterilize the cell phone?

It is advisable to do these steps frequently; With or without Coronavirus, this is something that we must always keep in mind. The least we want is to fill ourselves with those viruses and bacteria that can get to our hands and ears.


It is very simple, don’t you think? Now after reading this, it is very safe that you no longer leave your cell phone anywhere.

If you know of another tip that has worked for you to know how to sterilize your cell phone correctly, share it on our networks.

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