December 4, 2021

How to Determine Your Face Shape

How to Determine Your Face Shape

When we meet a person, the first thing we logically see is their face, usually one of the first impressions that we take of him or her is what their face is like. We must also consider that there are other factors that accompany the face such as: the eyes, the mouth and the hair that are key points to describe the types of face. And in the case of women, makeup is something that really brings out the aesthetic of beauty. Did you know that the shape of your face says a lot about your personality?


Face types, what is yours?

Oval face

This type of face is almost almost the definition of perfection in beauty. If you are one of the lucky people in this case, congratulations! Take advantage of making any type of hairstyles and trying different accessories that will be present on your person. Obviously it will depend on the preference and tastes of each person to make their mornings, afternoons and nights the best version of themselves.

Its characteristics: The vertical and horizontal axis keep their proportions.

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Square face

Regularly, the square face has a very marked jaw, which gives a feeling of spaciousness and hardening in the rest of the facial features. There is no perfect circumference on the face since the measurements between the vertical and horizontal axis are very similar.

The ideal for those with a square face is to choose haircuts and hairstyles that do not add volume. What you are trying to achieve with this is to achieve a more oval appearance on the face, thinning the sides and making it look taller than it is wide.

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Triangle face

Triangular faces are distinguished by having wider and narrower jaws on the forehead area. Here, you should get more volume in the upper part of your face to try to balance the width of the jaw with the narrowness of your forehead.

If what you want is to have hair like Rapunzel … don’t even dream of it! It is best to have short hair that can be at the level of the cheeks. The latter will undoubtedly give a special touch to your person.

Lastly, avoid wearing oversized accessories. Remember that in this case, what we want is to keep your face proportionate.

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Inverted triangle face

So … if in the previous point it was mentioned that the characteristic of the triangle face is a wider jaw and a narrower forehead, what do you imagine happens with the inverted triangle face?

You already have it! That’s right, in this case the characteristics on this face are: a wider forehead and a narrower jaw.

Here, the ideal is to have a haircut with fringes as they will help a lot to disguise a wide forehead. If you are in this wave of paying attention to the song “I’m going to bring my hair down” then do it, they are ideal to add texture and volume to the sides.

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Diamond face  

Another type of face is the diamond. The characteristics found here, above all, are the cheekbones that stand out to the face. In the case of the forehead and jaw, both are usually narrow.

If you are one of the people who have this type of face, it is best to choose haircuts and hairstyles that hide the cheekbones and help to widen the forehead. The goal is to try to make your face resemble a more oval one.



Long face

What you will find in this type of face are a wide forehead and jaw, in addition to presenting a long and narrow chin.

It is recommended to bring a haircut that is neither so long nor so short. Add volume to reduce that elongated face effect.

As accessories, if you are about to buy sunglasses, preferably try to make them square or oversized.

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There is no doubt that at any time what we want is to be with our best look to feel good both inside and out. So follow these tips that can guide you to identify the elements that you should take into account so that your type of face can shine in all its splendor. Of all the types of face that we present to you, which one do you have?

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