December 4, 2021

Best 5 Herbal Tea for Health Benefits

Best 5 Herbal Tea for Health Benefits

Beverages consumed in various ways around the world. However, tea is not just any beverage, it has also been recognized by the United Nations for its medicinal properties and for its important role in the Sustainable Development Goal.

Aside from Doodhpati, Bubble tea, and Chai, tea also works wonders for health professionals. Let’s take a look at some of the healthy teas you can add to your diet:


Ginger tea: Ginger itself is considered a valuable herb and when combined with tea leaves, these two form a cooling compound. Packed with antioxidants, ginger tea will give you a refreshing taste that will work if you have a sore throat. It also enhances self-defense and is perfect for winter.


Lemon Tea: If you want a perfect summer drink, add a little lemongrass to your brewing tea and garnish with citrus flavors. According to the study, people who drank lemon balm lemon tea for six weeks had increased arteries. Therefore, it is beneficial for people with heart disease, stroke, and depression as arterial stiffness is considered a risk factor.


Hibiscus Tea: Not only does it brighten up your drink, but hibiscus tea also has antibacterial properties, and it has been proven to reduce stress. One can enjoy it as an icy drink or a hot drink.


Peppermint Tea: Adding spice zest to your tea, peppermint greens will definitely enhance your tastebuds. Using this tea has been proven to support the health of the digestive tract. It also has antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.


Chamomile Tea: If you have trouble sleeping and you always feel stressed, drinking Chamomile tea will soothe your nerves. So, take a cup of chamomile tea and just relax.

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