December 1, 2021

8 Things Happy Couples NEVER Do

In a relationship, happiness is not a matter of luck. It involves a daily, constant and conscious work to have healthy and happy habits that favor the state of the relationship. It sounds simple, but it is what all couples therapists will tell you.


8 Things Happy Couples NEVER Do


  • They don’t complain about their relationship : Happy people know when and when not to involve others in their relationship. They speak directly to themselves whenever a problem arises and they don’t complain to others when they are having a bad time. Hanging out with friends and family will never be the perfect excuse to blow off steam.
  • They do not compare themselves with others: If they are married, it is because they love each other as they are. They know that comparing their relationship with other people is unfair and unreal, and that it will not bring them anything good. They will always be tempted to compare themselves, but they will never do so to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • They do not play the victim: They take responsibility for their feelings and their role in the relationship. They do not blame themselves for their respective problems and, instead of looking for a quick solution, they seek the support of their partner so as not to drown in their self-pity.
  • They don’t take things too seriously: They know the meaning of happiness and fun. Even though they are married, they constantly go out to have fun and spend some time together. Even when they are in trouble and the situation is stressful, they look for a way to make the relationship lighter.
  • They do not criticize themselves: They seek the best of themselves and, when they are angry, they learn to keep quiet. Happy relationships know that criticism only creates rifts and hurts others. If one of them does something upsetting for the other, they pay attention to the background and context of the problem to discuss it in a more sensitive way.
  • They don’t ignore their finances: Financial stress can strain a relationship, no matter how happy and stable it is. Couples must have good communication about money and have financial goals so that any downturn will NEVER catch them off guard.
  • They don’t try to read their minds: We all love to assume, but communication is important in a relationship. Otherwise, how will they know what the other person wants and what he doesn’t? No matter how nice a connection they have, no one can read the other’s mind.
  • They are not obsessed with their roles: Although there are roles under gender stereotypes in the relationship, happy couples are flexible and do what is necessary to fulfill their respective tasks. On the other hand, they do not stress if something goes wrong, on the contrary, they know that this happens sometimes and they do not expect anything more than the support of their partner to get out of the problem.

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