December 4, 2021

7 things that happen at bachelor parties

You’ve heard of the movie “What happened yesterday?” Well, don’t believe everything that happens in the movies, we are sure that not all – or the vast majority – of farewells do not end up lost in another country or losing their boyfriend. . We will tell you 7 things that happen at bachelor parties.


7 things that happen at bachelor parties

1- Shot, shot shot , the culprits: the friends and the victim: the boyfriend. They spend the whole night getting the poor drunk, but not so much because they enjoy it.

2- The first fallen soldier is the one who loses his dignity, who falls asleep first, either due to fatigue or alcohol, is the one who will suffer the consequences of being disguised, painted and humiliated by his friends.

3-  Someone will bring out their hate against marriage, saying things like “I can’t believe you’re getting married” or “why are you doing it?” Those men are always present and more at those celebrations.

4- One of the guests will end up in a lumpy state , they will consume alcohol as if there were no tomorrow and there will come a point where like a tree falls in the forest.

5- Uncomfortable anecdotes , the uncle / cousin or best friend who tells shameful things about the boyfriend’s past is never missing, the purpose is to laugh for a while, as long as he does not tell some very intimate secret and ends in a fight.

6-  The idea of bringing a show to the party will arise , you already know what kind of show, this totally depends on the rules set by the future marriage.

 and disguise themselves in the most ridiculous way possible, maybe you put an apron or dress, but as it inevitably will, evidence of that.

Before finishing, congratulations on your commitment, you took another step with the love of your life. How did you see the 7 things that happen at bachelor parties, what else do you think happens? It all depends on how far you want to go without forgetting the opinion of your future wife. There are boyfriends who are calm and an afternoon of watching their favorite sport play and others who party at “Project X” level is enough for them, what kind of boyfriend are you?

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