December 4, 2021

7 Kissing Techniques Every Girl Should Know

7 Kissing Techniques Every Girl Should Know

The key to having a hot and passionate s e x life can be as simple as giving a dreamy kiss. It is simply the most effective way to turn someone on and your hunk will surely not turn him down. So forget about the routine, peck kisses or hugs and put these techniques into practice to make him fall in love with you again.

  1. Everywhere EXCEPT her lips: Learn a little about Miss Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ and kiss her whole body until she begs you for something else
  2. Recreate their first kiss: Get nostalgic! Go back to the place of your first kiss and remember exactly what happened. Ask him what he felt and you tell him what was going through your mind in those moments. The kiss will come out so natural that both of you will enjoy it more than anyone else.
  3. Kiss without s e x: They are about to enter the restaurant or the cinema, so take the moment to give him that sensual kiss with tongue and bite that he likes so much for 20 seconds. You know you’ll leave him wanting more and that’s the joke.
  4. Combine it with something sweet: Put some chantilly or whipped cream in the place (whichever you like) where you want to kiss him and enjoy the extra delicious and sweet experience. If you don’t like chantilly, melted chocolate or some bitumen will do.
  5. With bondage: Don’t wait for her to get ‘kinky’; tie his wrists to the bed, blindfold and kiss him all over his body. He won’t know exactly which part of his body you will kiss, so you will give him the creeps.
  6. Perfect your French: We have never met a man who rejects a wet kiss with enough tongue, so don’t be sorry if you are one of those who hates to use a lot of saliva. Even if it is a wet kiss, in the moment it will be the least important.
  7. Biting & More: If the make-out session isn’t over and you want to try something else, why don’t you suck on his lip a bit or bite into it? We assure you that he will become much more excited… Of course, if you make satisfied noises (you know, the ones that he loves), it will not be necessary for him to take you to bed.

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