December 4, 2021

7 home remedies for dry lips

There is nothing more dry and painful than having dry lips, not only do you feel stiff, but you can also sometimes experience small cuts that are extremely uncomfortable. Stop suffering! We give you 7 home remedies for dry lips. 


Exposing yourself to drastic changes in temperature is one of the main reasons why lips become dry. We know this data will blow your mind, another of the main reasons for dryness is on the tongue, what? That’s right, it produces dryness, and that comes from two compounds that are produced through it: amylase and maltase. 

As a consequence, leaving a pair of discolored, chapped lips, with a lot of sensitivity and dryness. But not everything is burning and sadness, run by paper and pen that we will tell you how you can relieve them with natural ingredients that you have at home😉 

7 home remedies for dry lips 


Honey is undoubtedly one of the essential ingredients in the kitchen. Not for free, most balms include it as a primary ingredient. To say goodbye to chapped lips you spread honey on your lips several times a day, or mix it with a little glycerin and  c olocarla every night before bedtime. 


This hack is going to blow your mind and you probably didn’t know about it. To soften your lips you should rub your lips with a soft brush and a little toothpaste. In this way you will be saying goodbye to cracked surfaces and dead cells. 

Coconut oil 

Due to its chemical construction of fatty acids, coconut oil is good for the skin, functioning as a moisturizer and antioxidant. Your lips will look like new in a 2×3😉

Almonds oil 

One of the must to take into account when healing your lips. Apply it directly to your lips several times a day and you will see that gradually you will see favorable results. 

Rose milk 

Although this product is not a hundred homemade marvel, it is very easy to find. It has nourishing properties as well as vitamin E, which will nourish your skin in an impressive way. 


This vegetable is loaded with pure good wave and benefits that your skin will appreciate. Being composed mostly of water, it helps to restore any part of the body quickly. 

The ideal way to apply it is to rub a slice of cucumber and leave it to act for   15 to 20 minutes daily, then rinse with warm water. 

Aloe Vera

Whether you have a bush of this plant at home or you steal it from a neighbor, aloe vera will throw you off, thick. By having a hygroscopic property (that absorbs moisture) when applied on dry lips it will attract moisture, hydration and regeneration of the skin😉

Nobody likes to have dry and dull lips that is why we invite you to apply some of the 7 home remedies for dry lips, which we share and have the sexiest lips in the world. 

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